Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub

Hello Ladies,

Today I thought I’d share my views on “Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub”.

I enjoy pampering my skin specially those products that are easy to use and requires less effort from my end.

The latest skin care launch is the Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub.

I received this sample size product in a colorful cute little plastic tub, full-size product comes in transparent tub.

After using this product several times much to the joy 4 weeks later I’m ready to share my opinion on this scrub.

My Thoughts on Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub

  • You exfoliate to remove dead skin, dirt, make up etc, this product does it all.
  • It involves soft cleansing scrub which leaves the skin smooth radiant & refreshing.
  • It’s fairly bulky and sustainably sized tub, it isn’t overly weight so it can be easily transported around.
  • It has a mild strawberry smell.

  • The product is a combination of cream & gel texture with minute granules and tiny coconut particles.
  • No guess-work it’s well formulated and should suit all skin types, ages and needs.
  • The main ingredients lined up are aqua, strawberry seeds & desiccated coconut (might be a concern for those with oily skin) I have combination skin and this product has done wonders to my skin without producing any oil.

Tips on usage

Wet your skin with warm water take a little product and massage your skin gently for a minute and rinse the scrub off your face (Exfoliate twice a week)

Price: INR 1045 for 105 gm, Get hold of this product at Amazon.

BOR Rating: 3.5

 I rate this product 3.5 it’s an amazing product but quiet expensive as a scrub.

This May not suit oily skin.

The effect doesnt stay for too long, in less than 24hours your skin is back to its normal condition.

In conclusion it is a good product to pamper your skin.

What do you think about this product?

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