The Face Shop Mask Sheets

File_000 (7)The older I grow the more precious I’m about my skin. I’m no skin expert but with my personal experience I have learnt that no matter how good the skin care products are or how well we pamper our skin. What we eat is equally important to our skin and hair.

I’m someone who has always lived on junk food, doesn’t it grab more attention than the boring vegetables that are refrigerated. So why not?

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Well, I have had my fair share of skin disasters in the past due to my unhealthy attitude towards food.

As the name says skin care products, these products I’m sharing with you today are one the effective ways of taking care of your skin.

The Face Shop is a South-Korea based skincare line that provides fabulous skin care products.

This Face mask sheets are a onetime use facial mask. It claims to provides perfect facial care at home and leaves skin soft and supple in a couple of minutes.

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My experience with these face mask sheet has been great, it has a nice cooling effect A few hours after usage I noticed my skin looked healthy and glowing.

  • It had blurred out my pores.
  • My acne had disappeared that surprised me a lot, as I did not expect it to do such a great job.
  • It is quiet moisturizing.
  • skin continued to feel healthy and glowing for the next 3-4days.

How to use.

  1. Cleanse your face and apply toner.
  2. Unfold the mask sheet and spread over the face.
  3. Take the left over serum from the package and massage it over neck area or hands to ensure you utilize it and not waste any product.
  4. Set a timer for 15-20 mins as per instructions.
  5. Take the mask off after 15mins and gently massage or pat the skin (Do not rub) and rinse it with water.

These sheet masks are anytime better than the facials at any Spa.

I highly recommend these sheet masks.

I would suggest you to apply the mask before going to bed as the serum takes time to show its effect.

Tip : If you are acne prone go far Celendula mask sheet you will be surprised how flawless it makes your skin look.

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16 thoughts on “The Face Shop Mask Sheets

  1. I love sheet masks especially when you want all the pampering without actually having to make the mask yourself… I haven’t tried these ones yet but surely going to get them seeing how well they worked on acne


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