Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture

File_006 (3)Youth is a gift of nature, aging is not an option there is no denial that aging is out of our control but it is how gracefully we handle the process of aging that matters.

Sometimes when you have tried your luck with all different products and none of them work in your favor, you tend to give up and come to terms that you can never have the perfect baby like skin. Well that’s my story as well: then again there is nothing wrong in trying. With that in mind I choose Nuetrogena Oil-free moisture with UV sun protection.

File_004 (3)

Before we start with the review lets understand why we moisturize our skin, obvious reason to get rid of dry patches however there are few other reasons why you must moisturize your skin as this is an investment to your skin for a clear & wrinkle free future.

Moisturizing your skin regularly helps reduce skin problems such as wrinkles acne blemishes which in turn helps your skin stay young.

When I first used Nuetrogena Oil-free moisture I was disappointed I thought I wasted some more money, but like they say it takes time for any product to jell with your skin hence I gave it sometime and applied more often to check if it really does make a difference to my skin as Nuetrogena is one of the most promising water based moisturizer in the market.

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This moisturizer is for combination skin (those who have section of dry skin as well as oily skin). The solution is thick it feels a little sticky but you can blend it with a little water. Do not use a lot of product then it makes the skin oily. It doesn’t feel too heavy on skin at the same time it also feels that you have a thin layer on your skin. It moisturizes the dry areas while controlling shiny oily areas.

I wouldn’t recommend you to use in the night because I tried it during the night and It ended up clogging my pores and I also noticed redness in the dry areas. Having said that what does and doesn’t work for me may leave the very opposite effect for you, a weird fact about me is that  I use a body lotion as a face moisturizer and it serves the purpose.

In conclusion It’s a great moisturizer for combination skin It moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin with matte finish it also works well as a makeup base and it goes a long way all you need is one pump.

You can find Nuetrogena Oil-free moisture @amazon

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