Duft Face & Hand Wipes

IMG_20170904_193449I absolutely love using wet wipes, I find the warmth on my skin and I love the way how convenient it is to carry them.

I recently got introduced to Duft Face & Hand Wipes, they were kind enough to send me a few sample size sachet for a quick review.

Here is what the product claims.

  • Removes the dirt & impurities from face, hand & neck.
  • Its natural ingredients clears the skin & leaves it smooth, subtle & free-flowing.


My take

  • Yet again I’m totally in love with the packaging , this is one product that perform as beautifully as it looks.
  • It removes the last trace of makeup and dirt, on the first wipe of the tissue the eye makeup came at once. It is an excellent product for makeup removal.
  • Some of the wet wipes I have used feels rough on skin, but these are super soft and moisturizing.
  • They are very Refreshing, they have some amazing ingredients which you are bound to love.
  • These wet wipes have a mild fragrance.
  • They are very Reasonable and easily available
  • Paraben & alcohol free
  • You can use them not only in summer but In any season
  • They are extremely soft and don’t irritate the skin

I’m super happy with this product and highly recommend it.


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