Stay Quirky

File_000I have been dreaming of the matte nail paints for sometime now, I love painting my nails, I love trying out different fresh colors .

So while I was searching for something new different yet reasonable, I discovered “Stay Quirky”.

This may be one of those brands that may have not yet attained its limelight, however it’s the best I have ever come across.

The pictures are going to talk for themselves this time.

Photo from Rumi


SQ offers a wide range of nail paints with a glossy, metallic, glittery, gel and granular finish.

It dries within seconds and settles into matte finish. The staying power is great as well. It stays on the nails for a good 5-6 days without any chipping.

Their pricing varies depending on the line of polish. Chromic effect(Rs350 for 8ml), Jersey effect (Rs275 for 8ml) Glitter nail polish (Rs255 for 10ml), Satin effect(Rs250 for 8ml) Matte effect (Rs135 for 6ml)

  1. Matte Pink Matte The Town : I am in love with this shade. It is just utter perfection. It is the perfect pink shade, Not too dark and not too pastel 🙂
  2. Matte Voilet : I love the color of this, this seems to go with everything.
  3. Pastel changing the cli matte : Gorgeous light gray shade, perfect match for a nude makeup.
  4. New Party : Gorgeous Royal blue, has a light shimmer but settles to matte after drying.
  5. Blue brush strokes : Among the collection this is the only glossy nail paint Yup, another shade of blue, but it is so pretty! I don’t think I ever get fed up of a blue nail like this.File_000 (1)

I bought them all from

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