Ryaal Mango Butter

File_000 (3)Winter is the time to change the skin care regime, the kind of change your body and skin will thank you for.

In the last week I tried quite a few products by Ryaal one of the most natural skin care brand. Today’s product is the Mango Butter which was sent to me by the amazing team Ryaal.

Mango butter is known for its anti-aging and skin protecting qualities by reducing degeneration of skin cells and restoring elasticity. Mango butter soothes the skin during extreme discomfort.

This one is especially for those who are going to start their winter shopping.

This was the first time I was using mango butter, this product came in a tin, a beautiful silver tin perfect size to slip into your handbag.

When I opened the tin the first thing that struck me was the buttery touch, the formula of this product surprised me the most.


It is said to be premium grade , 100% pure and natural processed mango butter, rich in Vitamin A, E and C.

  • Soft, creamy, Melts on skin contact, rich in Vitamin A, E and C.
  • It is extremely hydrating , locks the moisture for almost the entire day
  • Buttery, velvety and light in texture
  • The tin Is going to last almost forever
  • Translucent in color with mild organic fragrance(Doesnt smell like mango thou)
  • Absorbs Quickly without making the skin greasy
  • Imported from USA
  • Can be used for both skin and hair.

Do a favor to your skin by purchasing mango butter from Ryaal @amazon and


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