The Bodyshop British Rose Shower Gel

PicsArt_09-25-10.15.50You may have seen my recent instagram posts, that I have been showing a lot interest in skin care products. I have become a regular visitor to the skin care stores specially The body shop.

The body shop is the symbol of royalty and I love to pamper myself with its products

The product claims to awaken skin with the irresistibly dewy rose scent and is infused with the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain to make showering feel blooming beautiful.


My experience was mesmerizing it has a perfect consistency and It foams quite well. Talking about the scent it has a very mild delicate rose scent very clean, refreshing & natural.  It is delicate and feminine. I love the look of it, its baby pink in color in gel form. The fragrance is mild but the fragrance doesn’t Last very long, it is quite moisturing.
I’m definitely picking up more products from this range (the scrub is next on my list).

Price : Rs 325 |

Net weight :250ml

Which is your favourite among The Body Shop Shower Gels?


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