PicsArt_10-20-09.59.59As a beauty blogger it doesn’t surprise me to try new brands, Thou I have my personal favorites that I always make sure I stock up. It also excites me to try different new things.

First on list is Glamisha Skin Lightening CreamPicsArt_10-20-03.24.04

Glamisha skin lightening cream works in so many ways to repair the skin, Quite frankly for any skin lightening cream to work you are going to want  it more than one to see the difference, this is not going to transform your skin overnight.

The most important ingredient in this product is kojic acid that is used to diminish dark areas resulting from excessive pigmentation in the skin. Kojic acid is also used as a treatment for dark spots, acne and freckles.

I have been using the Glamisha skin lightening cream for 2weeks now, it definitely gives instant glow and brightens your skin. I also noticed my freckles reduce to a great extend.

The texture is non greasy, it is not chalky or powdery unlike few lightening creams. It also prevents breakouts. However those with dry skin might want to use a thin layer of moisturizer beneath.

Skin radiance drastically improved using this product. It helps you get rid of uneven skin colouring and evens out the tone. Making face look brighter and clearer.

Product Usage : Face cream for a fairer glowing complexion

Ingredients : Kojic acid dipalmitate and Arbutin has skin lightening properties and depigmentation.IMG_20171020_152534

Product Claims : Fairer complexion, glowing skin and depigmentation

Net Weight : 100 gm

Price : Rs.975/-

Product Shelf : 18months from the date of manufacture

Packaging: Pretty glam but also gives you the feeling of medicinal packaging

Paraben Free: Yes

Smell: smells like jasmine flower, however it’s pretty mild wont bother you too much.

Texture: Creamy, thick

How I Use: Wash & clean my face, take a small amount of glamisha Skin Lightening Cream and apply all over face and neck in circular motion using fingertips until it blends well since the texture is thick and leave on.PicsArt_10-20-10.06.03

Second on list is Glamisha facewash a formula built up with Mulberry and licorice extracts exactly how a face wash has to be simple and effective. I have been enjoying this In the mornings, it is refreshing soothing and helps take off all the dirt, it lathers really well

It doesn’t mention anywhere if its suitable for all skin types, but it looks like this is made to suit all skin types.PicsArt_10-20-10.10.43

It isn’t extra ordinary it’s a regular face wash. This is a great addition to your skin care routine.

Product Usage: Facewash

Ingredients:  Mulberry and licorice extracts

Net Weight : 100ML

Price : 350/-

Product Shelf : 24 months from the date of manufacture

Packaging: Pretty glam but also gives you the feeling of medicinal packaging

Paraben Free: YesPicsArt_10-20-10.08.21

Smell: It smells like a talcum powder

Texture: gel based

How I Use: Rinse your face with water, apply Glamisha facewash , rub with your fingers in circular motions, making sure to wash away all traces of your dirt or oil.

PicsArt_10-20-09.48.49Glamisha Shampoo:  If there is one thing that’s a necessity to me that is shampoo at the same time it also scares me to try new ones, once I find the shampoo that suits me I stick to until I find a better replacement.

This shampoo does its job really well by Cleans the scalp well, removes oil doesn’t dry out the hair and lather well however its too pricey.

Net Weight : 100ml

Price : 395/-

Product Shelf : 24months from the date of manufacturing

Paraben Free: Yes

Smell: All products smell alikePicsArt_10-20-09.51.49

PicsArt_10-20-09.45.39Texture: Gel based

Final thought on Glamisha : All products are too pricey when compare to the other products available in the market. The brand needs to lower the price in order to make its place in the market


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