Pantene Oil Replacement

IMG-20171017-WA0000When it comes to hair care, I’m more careful about the brands that I use. Pantene has always had right balance in their products, which means I’m excited to try their new launches.

Their latest launch is the new Pantene Oil Replacement, if you are anything like me who doesn’t apply oil for months together, or avoids oil due to its greasy texture then the new Pantene Oil replacement is definitely for you.PicsArt_10-19-10.20.02

Long Oiling hours will now be history the new pantene Oil replacement is designed to give your hair the multiple benefits of natural oil without the inconvenience.

How I Use: Rub a walnut size between the palms of your hands, starting from the top distribute it evenly through your hair along the length. Leave on (No need to rinse) Style your hair as usual.

Occasion Of Use : The first time I used this was just before a shoot and it dint seem like I had oiled my hair. Hence I’m comfortable using this anytime any occasion, thanks to pantene for a solution to end the hassle of oiling.IMG_20171031_181855_635

What it does: It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall due to breakage and helps repair damage. It also acts as a final touch leaving hair soft and smooth. So, you get all the benefits of ordinary hair serum and hair oil-in-creams plus 2x stronger hair.

My Experience: Firstly let me tell you this smells Divine, I love products that smell so beautiful. For me if the product doesn’t smell good I probably won’t use it I feel it’s very uncomfortable to use something that smells unpleasant. However with Pantene oil replacement I keep finding excuses to have a little sniff. People always said that I was blessed with beautiful hair which I’m grateful for, however beauty fades if not taken care and it actually takes a lot to take care of hair/skin/body, so many sacrifices, so much investment and a lot of hard work as a result of which we fail contribute as much as we should.IMG-20171015-WA0042 (1)

Thanks to Pantene for making our hair healthier and beautiful, The new Pantene Oil replacement works wonders, It is so easier to oil your hair, This product is an incredible replacement to Oil this is so convenient you can apply this anytime anywhere Its non sticky and gives an instant shine to hair, I have used this thrice in a week already, once I went on a shoot and no one could even notice that I had oiled my hair because my hair looked lot softer and silkier. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall and helps repair damage.

Say yes to Oiling your hair with the new pantene oil.

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