FullSizeRender (1)Looking for tasty yummy north indian food ? then your search will end at Box 8.
Let me start with the packaging, So far the best packaging i have come across in the market.
I have been wanting to try Box8 ever since a friend told me about it. So i finally decided to dedicate today to Box8 by ordering some of their best-selling dishes that includes.
1. Chicken Seekh kebab sandwich
2. Fusion Chicken sanwich
3. Kadhai paneer curry
4. Chicken Masala meal
5. Chicken overload meal
6. Murg dum biryani
7. Chicken Xtreme
8. Corn & Mushroom
9. Moongdal halwa
10. Masala Lemonade

FullSizeRender (2)

Service :4.5/5 The service was excellent, the executive I placed an order with was very understanding and cooperative. He helped me choose the best and the delivery was on time actually a little earlier than they promised which was quite impressive. Usually they deliver in 38 mins I got it by approximately 30mins.

Food : 4/5 The taste was amazing specially the gravy, quality wise it was beyond expectation for such a reasonable price, very rich, high quality basmati rice, I dint find too much oil or extra spices. It was totally satisfying. Quantity of all the dishes were more than sufficient.

I would like to mention about the sandwiches they serve, they use high quality brown bread with a lot of healthy stuffing, these sandwiches are both healthy and tasty and pretty big in size that acts as a full meal.

FullSizeRender (4)
Among deserts I loved Moong dal halwa it was one of the best, gulab jamoon are pretty tiny in size but they are yummy. Brownie was delicious too

Value for money :4.5/5 : the quantity and quality of food offered is definitely worth every penny. My favorite of was all in one meal that includes Rice+paratha+Sabzi+ desert+ chutney+Salad+garvy its a perfect combo

Another thing I would like to mention that with every meal they send mint for digestion purpose which is brilliant service

Overall I rate this to be beyond expectation and it comes with reasonable price. Download Box8 app for tremendous discounts. IMG_20171114_132250

I’m going to continue treating my taste buds well by Box8.

How about you ?

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