Ryaal Mr. Beans Exfoliating Scrub Mask


Say Hello To Mr. Beans It exfoliates and makes your skin soft and sunny, mixed with caffeine and honey it smells like a strong coffee, might aswell skip my coffee when I have this around.

Recently I reviewed Ryaal Charcoal scrub which continues to be my favourite scrub so far. I love their packaging they are black tiny matte tubs I’m totally into it. I usually use a scrub twice a week its one of my favorite ways of pampering my skin.

Mr beans by Ryaal feels like you are rubbing coffee on your skin, smells super fresh just like coffee.

It exfoliates wells by taking away dead cells, it isn’t harsh on skin. Skin feels smooth and moisturized.

I would say the packaging is a little clumsy the product is more towards the liquid form. You have to be careful while opening this product there is a slight chance that you may drop it while attempting to get the product, however it has a protective shield so don’t worry too much about that.


 We know coffee as the best drink that makes our work life better, but did you know coffee has some great beauty benefits ? Coffee is great exfoliater it makes skin smooth & bright, it reduces puffy eyes and treats under eye dark circles, repairs UV damage so on and so forth.

I have been thinking of trying a coffee scrub and I’m glad I tried Mr. beans.

Mr. beans is a combination of caffeine and honey which is super winning formula for skin.

How to use ?

For the ones who like to party hard and the mornings are bit tough on their skin. for the ones who do not leave home without wearing glow on face. Use it whenever you feel your skin is tired and dull. give it a wake up call.

So if you have been thinking of getting a scrub or a coffee scrub in specific I recommend you try Mr.beans this little guy will not disappoint you.

Net weight : 125gms

Priced : 499/-

Available at and


16 thoughts on “Ryaal Mr. Beans Exfoliating Scrub Mask

  1. The brand is very new to me but I like the name.. I TF reminds me the cartoon character Mr. Bean.. 😀😀 The fave scrub looks quite promising
    ..would love to try out…


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