A Note On Fursat Ki Baoli Soaps

PicsArt_12-10-01.48.01Soaps were probably the first  beauty item which were in constant use by everyone, they now been replaced  by shower gels.

Yes, looks like we have ditched soaps for shower gels, I do not recall the last time I bought bathing soaps.

In the interest of testing new products I decided upon trying a few bathing soaps by “Fursat ki Baoli”.

About the brand

Fursat Ki Baoli are into handmade-milled soaps , A good quality moisturizing soap that last longer and smells good with a blend of essential oils. These are petroleum and paraben free, these soaps contain prescribed preservatives in prescribe limits to keep bacteria, molds & fungus as per fursat ki baoli.

I’m going to review 3 flavors today Tea tree(Tea Tree Oil), Himalayan Deoder(Cedarwood) and Indian Dream(Gulab & Mogra) .PicsArt_12-10-01.52.50

PicsArt_12-10-01.55.40PicsArt_12-10-01.57.59My Experience with these soaps : I would say my skin seems to enjoy these soaps, they smell as per their flavors. Indian Dream(Gulab & Mogra) has a strong smell where as Tea Tree and Himalayan Deoder has a mild scent.

These are miniatures you can buy 4 for Rs 300, soaps looks clear and square in shape which I like. The packaging is pretty normal, these are just wrapped in thin covers.


Soaps usually are drying which is why most us have ditched soaps, but these are pretty hydrating and moisturizing. The smells lasts a bit longer, the soaps lather well and cleanses well. You can use these nearly for a month it’s not sticky or doesn’t melt.

The downside is that these are over priced.

I Absolutely loved trying these soaps so if you want to give it a try you can buy this at

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