Yashasvi- The Victory Store Homemade Organic Skincare Products. 

Yashasvi – The Victory Store is a homemade store they are into organic & chemical free skin care products.

When it comes to skincare though, I’ve always been a bit more skeptical however I  love the idea of going back to the basics with beauty, with natural homemade ways.

When I got a hello note by Yashasvi the victory store I figured I should finally give it a try and I decided to try  there skin care regime for a week and use only there homemade products .

Today I’m going to review Yashasvi Face Mask Charcoal,  Deep Conditioning Hair Oil,  Body lep (Body pack) . Let’s begin with the packaging of these products all the products are packed really well there is no chance of leakage, they look pretty decent and can be easily transported.. However I wish it had a ingredient list, MRP & Shelf life.

Let’s start with charcoal mask which is made up of charcoal, aloevera, tea tree & blend of essential oils. While tea tree is good for acne & deep Cleansing charcoal & aleovera removes impurities & gives fresh and instant glow to skin.. Hence this mask is very beneficial & works well in pampering your skin. 

How to use? 

Apply on clean face & leave it for 10-15 mins & rinse with water.

Shelf life – 6 months 

Price : Rs. 550 

If you are a person who loves handmade and 100% organic skin care products then you should definitely give this a try.

Deep Conditioning Hair Oil is a blend of argan oil,  jojoba oil, almond oil along with essential oils.  Argan oil makes hair softer, silkier and shinier and acts as a ideal hair conditioner and also helps to treat split ends and frizzy hair. Almond oil helps in hair growth to a great extend and jojoba oil is capable of moisturizing hair and It can help hair cells to reproduce themselves at a rapid pace.

So this is a great blend of all essential products and since it’s homemade with 100% natural ingredients this definitely deserves a place in your hair care regime. 

This Retails for Rs. 600 with 1year shelf life. 

Body Lep Is basically a body pack it Contains some amazingly effective ingredients such as besan, tomato, sandalwood, rose , lemon , manjistha etc. 

I personally like this body pack its a nice way to pamper with a nice blend of all these essential natural ingredients,  I appreciate the effort they have put in to make this product. I have used almost all face packs and body packs with these ingredients but this is the first time I was trying a mixture of all of them together and I must say it was a great experience. I definitely recommend you try this as it won’t disappoint you. 

How to use? 

Mix with curd or milk or rose water and apply. Let it semidry and scrub it off.

1year shelf life Retails for Rs. 500. 

You can buy these products on instagram @yashasvi_thevictorystore 

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