A Note On Nyassa

love trying out new brands, new products, its more like a commitment to me especially with those brands that fail to disappoint you.

Nyassa is the brand for those who want to try out different new scent in the form of body lotions, handmade soaps, air perfumes, face scrubs, body mists so on and so forth.

What I also enjoy about Nyassa is their huge variety of products to choose from and the reasonable pricing with safe and natural ingredients.

Recently I tried some of their new launches that includes :

Nyassa Ocean Breeze On A Warm Summer Day Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Sacred Sandalwood Handmade Soap (150 gm)

Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Sugar Soap (150 gm)

Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion (145 ml)

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub (215 gm)

So lets start the review with Nyassa Air Perfume (180 ml) :

Nyassa Ocean Breeze On A Warm Summer Day Air Perfume (180 ml)

I want to begin with appreciating the thought behind creating air perfume or room perfume for a warm summer day, this is definetely one of there best launches. This air freshener is endowed with a strong aquatic fragrance that adds a vibrant feel to both home and office. It feels as cool as ocean breeze with a beautiful strong yet fresh aquatic fragrance.

This is a water-based perfume and it contains no alcohol.

Wat it does ?

  • Removes bad odours from your home or office
  • Creates a relaxing environment
  • Adds a vibrant feel to both home and office

How to use ?

Just use 3-4- sprays in a room. This spray will last longer in a closed room. Spray 6-7 times for larger rooms.

Net Wt : 180ml

Price : Rs. 500/-

Variants :

Nyassa Like A Gentle Breeze Over Lavender Fields Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Leafy Trail In A Rain Drenched Forest Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa An Early Morning At An Indian Temple Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Fine Spray Of Thousand Roses Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Ocean Breeze On A Warm Summer Day Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Fresh Cut Grass with Morning Dew Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Melange Of Wild Flowers In A Rain Forest Air Perfume (180 ml)

Nyassa Rolling Mist Over A Rolling Meadow Air Perfume (180 ml)

Final Thought : It gives a fresh breezy feeling, I love the scent its strong yet its as cool as ocean breeze. Nyassa Ocean Breeze On A Warm Summer Day Air Perfume creates a beautiful ambience, this spray does last for a few hours however in a closed room its lasts longer. I totally enjoy my summer afternoons with this air freshners .

You can buy yours at or

2. Nyassa Sacred Sandalwood Handmade Soap (150 gm) : Sandal wood fragnance reminds me of warmth, woody, heavenly fragnance. These are special handmade soaps by nyassa.

The sacred sandalwood bath soap rejuvenates you and keeps you feeling refreshed. Its a beautiful blend of Chamomile Extracts and Calendula Extracts infused with Sweet Almond Oil to keep your skin free from germs. With a refreshing mix of natural oils and other extracts it Nourishes, soothes and pampers your skin with utmost care.

Net Wt : 150gm

Price : Rs. 350/-

Final thoughts : It foams well & gives skin a smooth fresh feel, It has as a warm and woody sandalwood fragrance. Its active ingredients work best as soothing agents, moisturisers and healers and Works great as a moisturiser and is high in both Vitamins A and E .The Active Base contains a unique blend of six pure and natural carrier oils, essential oils.

Though it is highly priced its ingredients makes it worth using this product.

How to use :

Wet the soap and rub it till it foams, apply on your wet body, massage it all over and then rinse well. For optimal longevity, keep the Nyassa soap in a well-drained soap dish between uses.

3. Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Sugar Soap (150 gm) : let me begin with thefragrance its a tribute to the Alphonso range of mangoes that are devoured in the Indian summer season. it smells like a juicy sweet mango.

Warning: “Not to be ingested, however tempted you might be”.

The subtle and delectable fruity fragrance of fresh Alphonso mangoes in Nyassa Alphonso Sugar Handmade Soap totally transforms your bathing experience.They act as the perfect moisturiser that replenishes your skin and rejuvenates it for a smooth and soft texture. The Alphonso Sugar Handmade Soap consists of some of the best natural oils and extracts to deliver perfect radiance to your skin. Thanks to the great wound healing properties of the Mango Leaf Extract it is a proven and effective remedy for itchy skin.

Net Wt : 150gm

MRP: 300/-

Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion (145 ml)

The Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion by Nyassa gives your skin the required nourishment and moisture that keeps it glowing with health. Lotus has always been the epitome of purity and beauty, taking a cue from this fact, this body cream indulges your skin totally with a natural touch. The Lotus Extract is an effective natural moisturiser and also a toning agent that makes skin taut to give you a younger looking skin. This body cream has a texture that is absorbed well by the skin. The Wheatgerm Oil with its high Vitamin E and protein-rich properties enhances skin cell growth and adds youthful touch to the skin. The intoxicating floral fragrance casts a magical spell. Use this light body lotion and flaunt absolutely soft skin. It is recommended to be used with Divine Lotus Shower Gel or Handmade soap

  • Infused with a divine and mesmerising floral fragrance
  • Contains lotus extracts and wheatgerm oil
  • Lotus Extract acts as an excellent natural moisturiser
  • Wheatgerm oil helps promote new skin cell growth, giving you younger looking skin
  • Provides an incredibly relaxing feeling
Lotus Extract – It is an effective natural moisturizer and also acts as a toning agent, making skin taut and younger looking.

Wheatgerm Oil – It is high in vitamin E and proteins. It helps promote new skin cell growth, making way for younger looking skin.

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub (215 gm)

The Oceana Foaming Face Scrub by Nyassa comes with Apricot extracts that gives you a soft, fresh and radiant skin. The strong aquatic fragrance transports you to the blue Mediterranean beaches. The face scrub is endowed with a light texture making it perfect for oily and dry skin alike making it a must-have for your skin care regimen. This exotic body scrub exfoliates polishes and moisturises your skin in an effortless fashion leaving you with a glowing skin. The luxurious foam cleanses your body and the fragrance lingers on all day long. The enriched cleansing provided by this scrub removes all impurities and promotes healthy skin for both body and face.

Fragrance Type: Aquatic

Fragrance Scale: Strong

215gm Rs 900

  • Its strong aquatic scent takes one’s mind to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches
  • Feels excellent on both oily as well as dry skin
  • Provides enriched cleansing giving radiant, glowing skin
  • The body scrub features Apricot extract which helps maintain healthy skin along with complete skin care
  • It exfoliates, polishes and moisturises the skin
  • Take out a portion of the body scrub from the container and apply it on wet body.Massage in circular motion. Can be used with a loofah or a bath mitt. Scrub it for exfoliation and rinse it off with fresh water. Use a little body lotion after drying your body completely.

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