Debon Herbal

Debon herbal sent me some of their products that includes moisturizer, cleanser, shampoo, Astringent, facial kit, face pack & bleach cream,I have been using & loving these items.

Lets start the review with my most favourite product.


I have loved using this so much that I have finished almost the entire bottle in the past few weeks, it feels light on skin and gives total wake up your skin needs. The scent is refreshing and mild and without a doubt I would definitely repurchase this one.

Listing below its ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Juice :Moisturizes skin, fights acne, soothes sunburn.
  • Geranium Oil :It is a Natural Skin cleanser, good astringent and helps in delaying aging effects.
  • Lemon Oil :Acts as a cleanser & also helps in lightening of skin.

Debon herbal ingredients ensure that your face stays as clean as possible with a well-oxygenated cleanser to give you the perfect silky texture and shine you crave for.

MRP : 175


Astringent also known as toner is a must in my everyday skin care routine, I probably start my day with a toner. It has a nice cooling effect with a strong menthol scent. It feels refreshing on skin. It helps in minimizing the pores hence this is a win win to me.

It’s a beautiful blend of :

  • Aloe Vera Juice :Moisturizes skin, fights acne, soothes sunburn.
  • Alum :It closes open pores of skin, thus imparting tightening effect.
  • Menthol :Gives cooling effect.

Debon Herbals Astringent benefits the skin by withdrawing most of the pollutant impurities within the skin. It contains a combination of ingredients that has invigorating, astringent and refreshing properties. The toner is unisex and can help both men and women achieve a softer and smoother skin, with a bright and illuminating facial appearance.

MRP : 340


This has been my go to for moisturizer since it arrived, probably one of the most reasonable moisturizer in the market. i love wearing this on my skin, light in texture easily blended with a divine scent. It locks the moisture for nearly 7-8 hours and my skin feels soft after using it. Highly recommend this moisturizer.

Key Ingredients :

  • Aloe Vera Juice :Moisturizes skin, fights acne, soothes sunburn.
  • Vitamin E :It is an antioxidant which delays signs of aging.
  • Geranium Oil :It is a Natural Skin cleanser, good astringent and helps in delaying aging effects.
  • Jojoba Oil :It has a high amount of ceramides which make your skin soft and supple.
  • Groundnut Oil :It is a very good moisturising agent.

Debon Herbals moisturizer provides the perfect balance of natural herbal oils in the skin and keeping it away from formation of dryness thereby nourishing your skin. It is an all season moisturizer that gives a light, rich feeling. Also used exclusively by sportsman, swimmers, and athletes.

MRP : 210


This facial kit is pretty interesting as it includes 5 different products with a free bleach cream. I totally love how nicely this facial kit has been designed. It also explains step by step procedure on how to use the kit.

My experience has been overwhelming with the usage of the acne free facial kit. Its hassle free facial at home with effective results.

Product details.

Step 1

Cleansing Milk ( Net Wt. – 15gm )

Step 2

Scrub ( Net Wt. – 15gm )

Step 3

Sandal Turmeric Cream ( Net Wt. – 15gm )

Step 4

Clean Teen Blend ( Net Wt. – 8gm )

Step 5

Astringent ( Net Wt. – 7gm )

Debon Herbals introduces a Kit, packed with ingredients to flush out toxin causing Acne and other skin blemishes while keeping your face clear at the same time. Simply apply the kit as per manual directions mentioned on the pack and discover a new you.


Aloe vera juice, Menthol, Almond oil, Sandal Oil,

MRP : 425


this is a multi purpose pack that comes in a powder form, it can be used with water, curd or milk. it is easy to use and gives a quick pamper session to your skin leaving your skin soft bouncy and adds glow

Key Ingredients :

Neem, Sandal , Rose, Cucumber, Kaolin

The pack expresses tightening of the rejuvenated skin cells that get exposed to a high amount of earthly pollutants. Applying the face pack can help natural conditioning, to make your skin feels moist and radiant. With daily application, note the difference in your skin texture and feel the amazing benefits with this pack.


Wash your face thoroughly. Apply pack evenly all over the face and neck. Leave it till it dries. Wash off with plain water only. Do not use soap. Pat dry. Can be used after facial.

The pack can even be applied all over the body and left for half an hour. In case, some skins tend to feel dry after the application of the pack one may apply moisturizer or any cream.

MRP : 125

I love their entire range of shampoos, their foam perfect not too less not too much it is satisfying to use these shampoos, with a beautiful blend of some essential ingredients these have been made with pure love.

They have a mild scent that doesn’t irritate anybody and it works great in hair nourishment.

The first variant is


  • Aloe Vera :Aloe vera has the incredible ability to increase blood circulation thus promoting Hair growth. Deep cleans oily hair,Strengthens and repairs hair strands & deeply conditions Hair.

MRP : 210

  • Debon Herbals creates a masterpiece shampoo in the making. An exclusive shampoo with Protein which helps to retain the moisture and strengthen the protein bonds in the hair. This shampoo works marvels on your hair. A protein based hair is a healthy gazed hair.
  • Size Available : (300 ml / 500 ml)

MRP : 220

  • Dandruff can be a real problem and a nuisance. It’s even more embarking when it’s visible on your shoulders and clothing. Using only a cleanser can be helpful and get rid of all the toxins and dandruff, however, when combining it with a conditioner you stand a high result to gain back a smoother and stronger lustre and shine. Debon Herbals has prepared the shampoo and cleanser to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Methi : Methi helps remove dandruff & reduce hair loss.
  • Neem : Neem has regenerative properties which help in reducing hair fall.

Methi and Neem have been scientifically found with herbal properties that do not support hair fall, dandruff and gives a shiny and strong hold to your hair with numerous benefits. It’s natural herbal qualities yield many positive potential aspects when compared to total chemical based shampoo solutions.

MRP : 215


Debon Herbals Amla and Shikakai Shampoo comes from a portfolio of products with natural and herbal extracts that were created keeping in mind the need of our buyers for an Herbal & Natural hair care regime.

  • Amla Extract :It is rich is Vitamin C & Antioxidants which strengthens your hair follicles, prevents premature greying.
  • Shikakai Extract :Shikakai is a natural mild cleanser which nourishes & soothes scalp.

MRP : 200


It wouldn’t be a lie if I say this is so far my favourite bleach cream, within 10 mins it does wonders to the skin by slightly lightening the facial hair and adding glow to the skin.

  • Debon brings you the best bleach cream with our special blend of fine ingredients that not only helps condition your skin but also assures a lustrous glow on your face. The bleaching cream can also be used on hair except for eye brows. The time frame of applying the bleach may differ on the type of skin.
  • Take the required cream and recommended quality of activator. Mix well & apply. Then after 7 minutes just rub your face with finger tips and then wash it out. Before application read detailed instructions given in the box also.

MRP : 130 gm Rs. 125/ 600 gm Rs.390

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