Most Essential Products by LB Pvt Ltd

Let me start this way genuinely I’m so impressed by the products I received by LB Pvt Ltd. They have a huge range of rare products that will help you maintain a healthy and hygienic life. All of there products are natural and safe to use.

The products I received are

The toilet seat sanitizer.

The hand sanitizer.

Herbal breath fresheners in 3 variants Meswak, Paan and peppermint

Cooking spray refined sunflower oil

Naturally sweet stevia extract.

Lets begin with my most favorite product among all mouth breath fresheners. We all agree Bad breathe never makes a good impression to ensure our breathe smells fresh and clean.LB Pvt Ltd have introduced Herbal breath fresheners in 4 variants Meswak, Paan, Spearmint and peppermint. They come in small little travel friendly spray bottles. These are sugar free made with all natural ingredients such as pudina, elaichi, peppermint and some spices. Free of alcohol or chemicals.

I’m so glad to have these tiny breathe sprays around, Usually I just pop a mint, or use mouth wash when I feel like it’s needed but I’m so glad I have this cute handy fresheners. You can spray this natural delicious herbal freshener directly in your mouth. They taste really good and last long enough, these are refreshing and so easy to use. I’m also impressed that these come with 3 years of expiry date knowing the fact that breathe fresheners are rare to find im so thankful for these fresheners we now have natural fresheners in the market at just Rs.90 each.

O the hand sanitizer : these are hand sanitizer enriched with moisturizer these come in small sachets that makes it travel friendly, now this is what I love about the brand all the products are packed keeping travel in mind. These sanitizers kills up to 99.9% germs and keeps dirt away from your hands comes with 2 years expiry date. Highly recommend these I like the idea of coming up with small sachets upon necessity you can just tear open the sachet and rub over palms and fingers and back of hands until dry. These contain 50 sachets priced at Rs.100/-

Naturally sweet stevia extract : these contain 99.8% pure stevia extract, these have 40 sachets 1 sachet =2 TSP sugar. Suggested for calorie conscious people and diabetics however not recommended for childrens, pregnant women. It’s a great practice to add this to your daily diet and use it as a substitute to sugar.

Enjoy the benefit of a product made with the best quality stevia extract that is 99.8%. It can be used in both hot and cold food and beverages. Enjoy the sweetness with no regrets. This as well comes with 2 years of expiry date priced for Rs. 210/-

O the toilet seat sanitizer : spray sanitizer for toilet seats, taps, washroom handles, flush handles,door knobs, toilet floors. This kills up to 99.9% germs. It’s a cute 40ml travel friendly toilet sanitizer. We all agree that this is the most essential product as a common problem that we face is not finding a clean washroom now that’s when this cute little spray saves us by sanitizing the filthy public washrooms.

Spray 7-8 inches away from the entire toilet seats after 10 seconds the seat is clean & safe to use.

Ray Refined sunflower oil cooking spray : Cooking spray is kitchen essential applied to frying pans and other cookware to prevent food from sticking. This is a healthier alternative with a lower calorie.

Cooking sprays contain very less calories and its convenient as well as you can have a control with the unique and precise spray mechanism at 2 calories per spray.

This is a cooking oil that comes in a spray bottle, they have 4 variants Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Olive Oil and Rice bran oil.

  • It has 2 calories per spray , refined sunflower oil free from argemone oil.
  • It helps save 2.4 litres of oil.
  • This is all natural oil no propellants and preservatives.
  • Reduces fat content in food by 80% and reduces oil consumption to 1/10th.
  • 0 Cholesterol, 0 transfats
  • High shelf life of 36 months
  • Recommended for high cholesterol heart problems, obesity and for regular everyday use.

Net wt : 200ml

Retails for Rs.250/- These are available on Amazon & Flipkart..

Please do visit there YouTube channel for over 60 recipes for healthy

Final thoughts

I highly recommend you try there products as they are super affordable and most essential. They are all natural and great in quality. I personally will repurchase these products.


The Moms Co.

I like body butters over lotions as body butter are made to help lock moisture for up to 24hours.

The moms co, body butter treat your skin with nonstop moisturization with Rich Shea & cocoa butters, sea buckthorn & Rose hip oils with moisturizing oils that increase your skins natural elasticity.

The moms co body lotion is an amazing moisturizer that melts instantly on application by leaving skin silky smooth. It looks like very tempting just like butter and also smells like butter. Though body butters are generally made for dry skin, This is one body butter that can be used throughout all the seasons and by all age groups.

As the name states the moms co is made especially for new moms however this is great for all age groups including kids as it is made with love and without compromise that soothes itchy, stretching skin, Providing comfort to your stretching belly, hips and breasts.

It absorbs quickly and soothes itchy, stretching skin by locking the moisture for as long as the whole day by leaving even driest of skin soft and smooth.

The best time to use the moms co body butter is right after shower and bedtime.


Rich in Shea & cocoa butters, seabuckthorn & Rosehip oils with moisturizing oils that increase your skins natural elasticity.

Free from toxin.

How to use ? Scoop out desired quantity and Apply to your skin massaging gently.

Net weight : 200 gm

Price : 699/-`

Final thought

I recently started using the moms co body butter and I’m already obsessed by how effectively this works on my skin, I like the fact that it is not greasy its very buttery and I don’t have to apply this over and again just one application and my skin feels smooth for the rest of the day. I definitely recommend this body butter in terms of quality and effectiveness it is one of the best in the market and safe for moms and babies especially designed for moms to comfort stretching belly, Hips and breasts.

So if you are hunting for a body lotion that will stay with you through out the year then your search will end at the moms co

I bought mine at Amazon, gets yours too


The Moms Co. 

The Moms Co- Love without compromise.
After testing these products sent by The Moms Co I’m finally ready to review this with you all. The two products I had put on test for nearly 2weeks is there natural body lotion and natural calming wash.

The Moms Co is pure Love without compromise, there products are made with Mother nature making her presence felt very strongly as pure as mothers love.

Natural Body Lotion  

By the time winter begins to fade away leaving the blossom of spring all of us try a tons of body lotions, The moms co natural body lotion is one of the many body lotions I tried this winter.

The Moms Co has designed their products beautifully, The body lotion’s texture feels light, It spreads and observers well into the skin which makes it an ideal everyday lotion. Its enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter that moisturizes and soothes the skin and leaves the skin healthy and glowing.

Its more than just a body lotion It doesn’t feel oily or greasy, it has a mild scent of essentials oils it also keeps the skin moisturized for almost entire day however I like to use the body lotion frequently hence I reapply after every 5-6 hours. I would suggest applying this twice a day to keep skin moisturized for a longer period of time.

Ingredients :  Its concentrated Shea Butter moisturizes and soothes , Rosehip oil rich in antioxidants like vit C and carotenoids known to support collagen synthesis. Organic jojoba oil for its skin healing and moisturizing properties. Organic  chamomile oil known to soothe skin.

The Moms co products are Toxin free such as parabens, sulphates, SLS/SLES, mineral oil, Phenoxyethanol and more.

How to use : Apply the lotion daily, especially after bath to nourish and moisturize your skin.

Net wt. 200ml

Price : 393/-

Natural Calming wash

The second product I tried from there beautiful range is the moms co natural calming wash.  This body wash Moisturizes, calms and relaxes the body. This is great for moms looking for some gentle cleaning, The consistency is quite dense which means you don’t need a lot of product just a little bit goes a long way, the body wash doesn’t lather too much which is good thing. Its rich in keeping the skin moisturized for a long period of time. It has a beautiful mild scent to it that lasts for sometime after taking shower.  The quality of these products are excellent.

 Ingredients : Coconut based cleansers, lavender essential oil and pro vitamin B5

Toxin free such as parabens, sulphates, SLS/SLES, mineral oil, Phenoxyethanol and more.

How to use : Take a few drops and gently rub onto your wet body with hands. Rinse and dry

Net wt. 200ml

Price : 348/-

Final Thoughts On The Moms Co. 

These products are a great try there formula is very safe & performance wise too there are amazing. 


Pee Safe, Palm Safe, Moskito Safe 

Today I’m reviewing three different products to keep you safe. 
Let’s begin with Pee Safe : what’s the one thought or fear when you step out of comfort zone, for me it’s always using public toilets be that at a restaurant, theater or a relatives place. I always like to take extra measures to ensure it doesn’t effect my hygiene. They may never be an end to this however a Sanitizer or a spray sounds like a great option to keep your self safe. Without giving a second thought I bought peesafe and it’s one of the best things I have ever bought. It’s a 40ml spray that fits perfectly in my bag. It’s a instant toilet seat Sanitizer spray which protects 99.9% from germs. The 1% are senile anyway, it consists of IPA formulation which starts action within 5 seconds of application, small & compact. 
How to use? 

Spray it on the toilet seats From a distance of 25cm & wait for 5 seconds to evaporate. 

Where to use? 

Spray it on the toilet seats, toilet tops, flush, door knobs, faucets etc. 

Net weight : 40ml/25gm

Price : Rs. 120/-

Palm Safe : Think of the times when soap and water are not available, or even if they are available but not good enough to use. Before eating, prepping before makeup, After gym, every where and anywhere you need a palm safe to kill the germs present on the skin. The palm safe works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses. These are alcohol free. It’s a foam hand sanitizer for protection against germs & bacteria without letting your tender skin dry up. 
How to use? 

Press the pump twice or more as required, rub it on your hands and skin without water to ensure protection against germs and bacteria. 

For best results rub your hands for 5-7 seconds. 

Net weight : 60ml 

MRP : 140/-

Mosquito Safe : This is so essential for all of us for prevention of insect-borne diseases as well as painful uncomfortable insect bites. … Technically, an insect repellent is a natural spray extracted from citronella & Neem that keeps mosquitoes from the source of repellent. Mosquito safe is capable in preventing countless cases of malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, and other mosquito-borne diseases.  
How to use? 

Spray over your skin and rub it over. These are safe when used according to direction. 

Net weight : 100ml 

MRP : 140/-

All of these products have a permanent place in my vanity.  You can buy them at Amazon


Yashasvi- The Victory Store Homemade Organic Skincare Products. 

Yashasvi – The Victory Store is a homemade store they are into organic & chemical free skin care products.

When it comes to skincare though, I’ve always been a bit more skeptical however I  love the idea of going back to the basics with beauty, with natural homemade ways.

When I got a hello note by Yashasvi the victory store I figured I should finally give it a try and I decided to try  there skin care regime for a week and use only there homemade products .

Today I’m going to review Yashasvi Face Mask Charcoal,  Deep Conditioning Hair Oil,  Body lep (Body pack) . Let’s begin with the packaging of these products all the products are packed really well there is no chance of leakage, they look pretty decent and can be easily transported.. However I wish it had a ingredient list, MRP & Shelf life.

Let’s start with charcoal mask which is made up of charcoal, aloevera, tea tree & blend of essential oils. While tea tree is good for acne & deep Cleansing charcoal & aleovera removes impurities & gives fresh and instant glow to skin.. Hence this mask is very beneficial & works well in pampering your skin. 

How to use? 

Apply on clean face & leave it for 10-15 mins & rinse with water.

Shelf life – 6 months 

Price : Rs. 550 

If you are a person who loves handmade and 100% organic skin care products then you should definitely give this a try.

Deep Conditioning Hair Oil is a blend of argan oil,  jojoba oil, almond oil along with essential oils.  Argan oil makes hair softer, silkier and shinier and acts as a ideal hair conditioner and also helps to treat split ends and frizzy hair. Almond oil helps in hair growth to a great extend and jojoba oil is capable of moisturizing hair and It can help hair cells to reproduce themselves at a rapid pace.

So this is a great blend of all essential products and since it’s homemade with 100% natural ingredients this definitely deserves a place in your hair care regime. 

This Retails for Rs. 600 with 1year shelf life. 

Body Lep Is basically a body pack it Contains some amazingly effective ingredients such as besan, tomato, sandalwood, rose , lemon , manjistha etc. 

I personally like this body pack its a nice way to pamper with a nice blend of all these essential natural ingredients,  I appreciate the effort they have put in to make this product. I have used almost all face packs and body packs with these ingredients but this is the first time I was trying a mixture of all of them together and I must say it was a great experience. I definitely recommend you try this as it won’t disappoint you. 

How to use? 

Mix with curd or milk or rose water and apply. Let it semidry and scrub it off.

1year shelf life Retails for Rs. 500. 

You can buy these products on instagram @yashasvi_thevictorystore 


Vitamin C Serum – Ryaal

wp-image-1491348298wp-image-182725751Beautiful, glowing young-looking skin is everyone’s dream and we go to any extend to achieve it. Today I’m reviewing a product that is essential for women and men both.

Ryaal Vitamin C Serum Advanced Anti aging formula.

Lets talk all about this wonder vitamin – the benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is ideal for men and women, all skin types and ages. it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, Promotes Collagen Production, Protects Skin From Sun Damage, Reduces Under-Eye Circles, Speeds Up Healing, Reduces Skin Discoloration, Keeps Skin Looking Younger, Improves Hydration and Moisture, Creates Brighter, Healthier Skin, Reduces Inflammation, Speeds Up Healing of Sunburns etc.

Yes you read it right one serum and so many benefits, this is all you need for a flawless skin.wp-image-1504993377

wp-image-270471246Coming back to Ryaal  Vitamin C Serum Advanced Anti aging formula., I have been using Ryaal Vitamin C serum for the last few days and I do see a difference in skin. My skin feels refreshing and healthy. The packaging is neat and travel friendly, it comes with a separate pump. I use it as a moisturizer before putting on my makeup.

It’s a amazing product, I have a sensitive skin I did not feel any irritation or after effects. It is suitable for all skin types however if you have oily skin make sure to use very little quantity as this can get oily. Ryaal Vitamin C contains 20% Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, MSM and vitamin E .

I How I Use ?

Cleanse and tone face , pat dry and spread several drops over face, neck and massage slightly. You can use a moisturizer or makeup as desire. Can be used once or twice a day.

Net wt : 30ml

Price : 499/-

If you have been looking for vitamin C serum your search will end at you can also buy this at Amazon.wp-image-394823315


Insta Cuppa



Diet is all about healthy food, vegetables herbs and fruits. Instacuppa was born to help everyone maintain nutritional and balanced life style.

We all know how essential it is to consume lots of water, doctors have advised, scientist have discovered the benefits of drinking water. But we somehow miss to follow due to our hectic modern lifestyle.

Today I will share with you the easiest way to drink more water without being reminded.

Have you ever thought of adding a little flavor to your water, may your favourite fruit or mint. Yummy flavors encourage you to drink more water. Isn’t that a good idea ?

Stop buying cases upon cases of bottled water just go ahead and purchase InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water bottle, it is reasonably priced, looks stylish, travel friendly, easy to clean and most important its healthy. So basically you are making an investment that will represent you for a real long time.

Instacuppa has 2 different types of Infuser water bottle .

1.InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 34 Ounces/1000ml. Rs: 1499/-

2. InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 1000ml- POLAR EDITION EXCLUSIVE Rs: 1499/- (Currently both are on discount each for 999/- at

Lets start with InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 1000ml. wp-image-1367944902wp-image-834220770

  • CUSTOM ANTI SWEAT, INSULATING SLEEVE: Keep your water cooler. Reduce the “bottle sweat” you get from most single wall bottles. Our tailored insulated neoprene sleeve does it all. Custom fit, leaving a stable base to prevent the toppling you get with other infusion bottles sleeve design.
  • MORE FLAVOR, FULL LENGTH INFUSER TUBE: At 1000ml. and with a full length infuser rod we give you up to 25% MORE than other fruit infuser water bottles! Convenient size to travel with and a perfect fit in your car cup holder.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PROTEIN SHAKER BALL: Made of 100% food grade rust less 304 Stainless Steel. Perfect for mixing protein shakes. No need to buy another expensive protein shake bottle!
  • LEAK PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Rubber seals around the screw cap and spout to prevent leaks. And a sturdy metal safety ring on the lid release gives you peace of mind. With a tough B.P.A free plastic construction, your detox water bottle can take any knocks you throw at it. 

How do I use ?

You just add fruit and water! Our starter kit that has everything you need to get going:

It’s an easy way to naturally increase your intake of vitamins and minerals while keeping you hydrated.



It is Made from Top Quality TRITAN. Also our infusion bottle is BPA free and leak proof!

It also comes with 2 digital eBooks with full of tips, tricks and tasty recipes that will make you a fruit infusion master overnight!

2. InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 1000ml- POLAR EDITION EXCLUSIVE 


Both fruit infuser bottles are the same, the only difference is the polar edition infuser water bottle comes with a reusable gel freezer ball.

  • POLAR EDITION EXCLUSIVE: That ball on the bottom you are wondering about, well we made a removable Gel Freezer Ball to keep you drink cold for hours! The simple yet innovative design is one of a kind! Simply unclip it from the infuser rod, throw it in the freezer and when you’re ready to leave, clip it back to the infuser to keep your drink cold for hours! 

  • FREE RECIPE E-BOOKS FOR WEIGHT LOSS & DETOX: free digital eBooks with 100 fruit infuser water recipes for Weight Loss and Detox. These are natural fruit infuser recipes to drink instead of sugary soft drinks! Impress your friends with flavorful, tasty and healthy water. Get infusing right away with the handy digital eBooks included with your detox water bottle.
  • CUSTOM ANTI SWEAT, INSULATING SLEEVE: Keep your water cooler. Reduce the “bottle sweat” you get from most single wall bottles. Our tailored insulated neoprene sleeve does it all. Custom fit, leaving a stable base to prevent the toppling you get with other infusion bottles sleeve design. 

  • MORE FLAVOR, FULL LENGTH INFUSER TUBE: At 1000ml. and with a full length infuser rod we give you up to 25% MORE than other fruit infuser water bottles! Convenient size to travel with and a perfect fit in your car cup holder.wp-image-1627741515
  • STAINLESS STEEL PROTEIN SHAKER BALL: Made of 100% food grade rust less 304 Stainless Steel. Perfect for mixing protein shakes. No need to buy another expensive protein shake bottle!
  • LEAK PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Rubber seals around the screw cap and spout to prevent leaks. And a sturdy metal safety ring on the lid release gives you peace of mind. With a tough B.P.A free plastic construction, your detox water bottle can take any knocks you throw at it. 

About Instacuppa infuser water bottle.

  1. High quality and durability  : These bottles are designed to last for years, the quality is amazing it will last you for life time.
  2. Strong and sturdy : These infuser bottles are super strong, highly not possible to break or crack it’s a one time investment .
  3. Leak proof, Stylish and easy to use .
  4. Eco friendly-100% BPA Free.

Why you need infuser water bottles ?

  1. To increase your water intake
  2. Drinking water helps in reducing weight
  3. Eradicates skin problems, Helps maintain clear skin
  4. Adds flavors to your diet

How to use infuser bottles

Add fresh fruit or herbs, avoid fruits that are overly riped or doesn’t look fresh, add water as per your desire. Use thin slices to ensure the flavor is infused easily.

Order your fruit infuser bottle today at





wp-image-1240780283Christmas and winter doesn’t just bring a tree filled with lights and baubles, it also brings party season, good food, shopping and Spa. With so many expense around and lack of time I prefer to give myself a spa day at home.

So today I’m sharing my short little spa essential which is through body scrub and Sea salt spa bar by Phenak.

About the brand Phenak in Sanskrit means soap, phenak is in to handmade soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, with natural coldpressed oils.

I kindly received 2 products from phenak Coffee body scrub and Sea salt spa bar.

Let’s begin with Coffee Body scrub this is lovely blend of Brown sugar, Ground coffee beans, fragnance oil, kokum butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, bees wax.wp-image-1394701844



wp-image-996680774It smells yummy just like hot coffee, this has minute coffee beans, you can feel the wax while you’re scrubbing. It doesn’t lather but it has slight foam in the form of wax which also acts as a moisture to the skin. It contains thick exfoliating granules to gently scrub away dead skin cells by leaving skin soft and smooth.

Because this is a blend of various oils, it feels oily while you’re srubbing however once you wash it off it retains a good amount of moisture on the skin. Be as gentle as possible while scrubbing as body scrubs are thick in nature when compare to facial scrub. It works very well as a body scrub.

This is also free from Paraben.

Strictly not to be used on face.

Net Wt. 100gm

Price : Rs.250/-

wp-image-635092402wp-image-1663306497Sea Salt Spa Bar : Sea salt is growing in popularity in skin care lines. The first thought that  comes to mind when I look at this Sea salt spa bar is “Luxurious” the color is soothing and looks beautiful. This luxurious bar has a generous amount of Sea salt along with a beautiful blend of sweet almond oil, tulsi extract Lemongrass essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, SLS/SLES free vegetable oil base.

These minerals, oils and sea salt are very healthy for skin, The lather and the scent is very decent and nice. It gives a spa like feeling every time I use this bar. Definitely a luxurious buy . They have different variants there Rose clay spa bar, oats milk and honey bar also has some great reviews .

Sea Salt Spa Bar lasts twice as long as regular soap bars due to their mineral content so this one I just started using I’m sure this will last for months. A sea salt bar are made rock hard but gives a lotion like soft lather. It feels fresh and ready to start the day.

Net wt : 125gms

Price: Rs.150/-

I have had a great experience with the Sea Salt Spa Bar, order yours online at and experience spa at home.


St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer Review

PicsArt_12-10-02.04.15 (1)PicsArt_12-10-02.08.42As much as I love makeup , body lotions and moisturizes capture my attention without any doubt as they are a necessity for dried out skin.

Today Im trying the newly launched St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer ultra- enriching body lotion. St. D’vence products are formulated and designed by St. D’vence in London and they are manufactured in india by Bio Herbal Remedies.

St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer ultra- enriching body lotion, with a beautiful blend of argan oil, avocado butter, olive oil and vitamin E. It claims to royally hydrate the driest skin, soften and bring natural glow. This is paraben and chemicals free. This is a 100% vegetarian product with highly premium botanical and essential oils.PicsArt_12-10-02.06.50PicsArt_12-10-02.10.22I keep my body moisturized all the time, believe me I end up using 300ml bottle in a month, I moisturizer my body more than 3 times a day not because I have a dry skin, but cold weather and also Air conditioning dries out my body too often hence I’m used to it specially my hands and legs are moisturized more often.

St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer This is a light weight lotion with super quick absorption technology. It relieves dry skin by hydrating and retaining the moisture. There is not an area on the body that St. D’vence won’t protect and soften.

Apply moisturizer twice a day to maintain soft silky looking hydrating skin.

St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer comes in different sizes I bought myself 100ml  for Rs.275/- and 300ml for Rs.499/- which is quite pricey but a little goes a long way and most importantly it works well.PicsArt_12-10-02.01.44


A Note On Fursat Ki Baoli Soaps

PicsArt_12-10-01.48.01Soaps were probably the first  beauty item which were in constant use by everyone, they now been replaced  by shower gels.

Yes, looks like we have ditched soaps for shower gels, I do not recall the last time I bought bathing soaps.

In the interest of testing new products I decided upon trying a few bathing soaps by “Fursat ki Baoli”.

About the brand

Fursat Ki Baoli are into handmade-milled soaps , A good quality moisturizing soap that last longer and smells good with a blend of essential oils. These are petroleum and paraben free, these soaps contain prescribed preservatives in prescribe limits to keep bacteria, molds & fungus as per fursat ki baoli.

I’m going to review 3 flavors today Tea tree(Tea Tree Oil), Himalayan Deoder(Cedarwood) and Indian Dream(Gulab & Mogra) .PicsArt_12-10-01.52.50

PicsArt_12-10-01.55.40PicsArt_12-10-01.57.59My Experience with these soaps : I would say my skin seems to enjoy these soaps, they smell as per their flavors. Indian Dream(Gulab & Mogra) has a strong smell where as Tea Tree and Himalayan Deoder has a mild scent.

These are miniatures you can buy 4 for Rs 300, soaps looks clear and square in shape which I like. The packaging is pretty normal, these are just wrapped in thin covers.


Soaps usually are drying which is why most us have ditched soaps, but these are pretty hydrating and moisturizing. The smells lasts a bit longer, the soaps lather well and cleanses well. You can use these nearly for a month it’s not sticky or doesn’t melt.

The downside is that these are over priced.

I Absolutely loved trying these soaps so if you want to give it a try you can buy this at